Our Values

Values are characteristics and practices that we believe are essential to who we are and who we aim to be - SO THAT PEOPLE MAY KNOW JESUS
We are fervent in The Holy Spirit so that people may know Jesus. Doing everything with a spirit of passion and intensity.
We are accepting of all walks of life, showing love, grace and honor to all knowing God desires everyone to be saved.
We are rooted in God’s Word for that is where we find God’s heart and desire for us and this world.
We are accepted into the family of God not to stay the same but to be molded and transformed into the image of Jesus.
We are committed to loving and serving God and the people around us for better or worse.
We remember who we were, who we are, who God IS, what God has done and what He has said He will do.
We are authentic people, not putting on a show, but being real, humble, and down to earth, sharing Jesus out of a fervent heart, love and passion for Him and His people.
We bring our best to our Lord and Savior because He alone is worthy.
We love our kids. Our kids are our future.
Little things
We stress the little things because it's the little things we often see Jesus use to do the miraculous!
We pray because the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
We are generous because God is generous to us. We give of our time, efforts, and resources to help fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ.